Use Cases

Investing and Portfolio Management

  • Broad sector coverage, including growth sectors missed by old-school classification systems
  • Multi-intersector mappings enable a more comprehensive view of the modern economy
  • Apply relevance scores to allocate assets, identify trends, and stay informed about trends
  • Buy-side can connect with industries, and sell-side can shape their frames with more content
  • CityFALCON watchlists organise the rest of the content (e.g., news, filings) for the clearest picture of your investments and portfolios

Typical users: retail investors and traders, brokers, wealth and asset managers

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Smart Portfolios for Discovery and Insights

  • Dynamic suggested portfolios augment sector analysis
  • Intuitive filters simplify investment-by-sector approaches, even in foreign countries
  • Suggested allocations based on relevance scores derived algorithmically from public content
  • Backtesting and analysis of historical performance for adapting strategies

Typical users: retail investors and traders, brokers, wealth and asset managers

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Private Company Screeners for Investment & Research

  • Uncover promising private companies before they go public
  • Straightforward filters narrow down the massive private company space
  • Suggested portfolio allocations based on DCSC relevance scores and your filters
  • Connect to CityFALCON watchlists with news, filings, sentiment, and more with a single click

Typical users: angel investors, private equity firms, venture capitalists, crowdfunding platforms

Knowledge Management for Sectors

  • DCSC's relevance scores simplify knowledge discovery, linking content to sectors and industries
  • Monitor competitors in specific industries and make better-informed strategic decisions
  • Leverage synergies between DCSC and CityFALCON to powerfully track industries and all the associated relevant content

Typical users: consulting and advisory firms, strategy teams, senior management

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Better Business Development

  • Identify companies in your industry or in newly-emerging, high-growth, related sectors
  • Explore sectors with potential as new markets for you business and discover the most related companies
  • Conduct competitive analysis within specific sectors to inform potential partnerships, licensing deals, and M&A strategy

Typical users: sales and business development teams, freelancers

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Ready to dive deep into the analysis? CityFALCON, the creator of DCSC and DCSC Smart Portfolios, has all the due diligence information you need for more thorough due diligence and investment analysis.

  • Relevant News
  • Highly Customisable Filters
  • Sentiment Analysis and Trends
  • Regulatory Filing
  • Investor Relations Documents and Files
  • Insider and Institutional Transaction Data and Charts